Data encrypted through the Data Protector tool requires explicit authorization for runtime access. A newly created protectedData object has no inherent authorizations. This method grants permission to securely access the specified protectedData for processing using the processProtectedData method. Authorization to use the protectedData is given to a user in the context of an application (or a designated list of applications).


const grantedAccess = await dataProtector.grantAccess({
    protectedData: '0xA0Cf798816D4b9b9866b5330EEa46a18382f251e',
    authorizedApp: '0x00000000000C2E074eC69A0dFb2997BA6C7d2e1e',
    authorizedUser: '0xecb504d39723b0be0e3a9aa33d646642d1051ee1',
    pricePerAccess: 3,
    numberOfAccess: 10

Return value example

    apprestrict: '0xea6912aed5183cd6c1ad9e5e434becb2a060cd0d',
    dataset: '0xA0Cf798816D4b9b9866b5330EEa46a18382f251e',
    datasetprice: '0',
    requesterrestrict: '0xecb504d39723b0be0e3a9aa33d646642d1051ee1',
    salt: '0x0147499ca7604fe9343a71c99125f1c3f8af0e1ebb933d570cb653ef8eb043b8'
    sign: '0xc22c1f57f0b68af0fb4833e776adb73f30cc197445834bf564e9829913e104b07ab856ac39085edb5c9180f430c1ee2f29021ae33cd79eb0ddb73181e347799f1b',
    tag: '0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000003',
    volume: '1',
    workerpoolrestrict: '0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000'


protectedData (required)

The ethereum address of the protected data supplied by the user.

authorizedApp (required) The address of the application you wish to authorize to process the protectedData within a secure execution environment. You may specify either a single application or an application whitelist. To specify a whitelist, you provide the ETH address of an iExec Whitelist Smart Contract. This smart contract aggregates multiple application versions. This allows you to introduce new versions of your application without needing to grant access for the protectedData each time you do so.

You may authorize a specific app or a whitelist of apps to use the protected data.

iExec uses the ENS web3mail.apps.iexec.eth for the latest version of the Web3Mail decentralized application.

iExec also maintains a whitelist for the Web3Mail decentralized application. Granting access to this whitelist allows use of an email protectedData with all versions of the Web3Mail application, ensuring you only have to grant this access once. The ETH address for this whitelist is 0x781482C39CcE25546583EaC4957Fb7Bf04C277D2

authorizedUser (required) The address of the user you wish to authorize to use the protectedData. Note that these users may not view or manipulate the data. This only grants permission for the user to submit the data to an iExec application.

You may authorize all users to use the protected data by setting this to 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000.

pricePerAccess (optional) Allows specifying an optional nRLC cost associated with every access of the protected data.

default: 0

numberOfAccess (optional)

Allows optionally restricting the number of times the protected data may be processed and used.

default: 1


The result of this method confirms the new access grant. It consists of a JSON grantedAccess object.


The grantedAccess object has the following fields:

apprestrict - address of the authorized application; a value of 0x0 indicates any application may access this data dataset - address of the protectedData containing user data datasetprice - price (iun nRLC) to charge the user specified in requesterrestrict for each use of this protectedData requesterrestrict - address of the requester authorized to use this protectedData in workloads; a value of 0x0 indicates any requester may use this data volume - number of authorized uses of this protectedData; each use decrements this counter workerpoolrestrict- address of the decentralized infrastructure (worker pool) authorized to execute the application; a value of 0x0 indicates any worker pool may access this data salt - random value to make an order unique and reusable as nonce in a blockchain transaction sign - order signature of all the grantedAccess fields tag - defines whether a protectedData is usable in a TEE environment; 0x00 is TEE while 0x03 is non-TEE

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