This method provides a list of contact objects identifying all entities who previously granted authorization to a specified entity to send them email messages. Each contact contains the contact's ETH address as well as the ETH address for the protectedData containing their email address.


const contactsList = await web3mail.fetchUserContacts({
  userAddress: "0xF048eF3d7E3B33A465E0599E641BB29421f7Df92",

Return value example

    accessGrantTimestamp: "2023-06-16T09:01:31.683Z",
    owner: "0xA0Cf798816D4b9b9866b5330EEa46a18382f251e",
    address: "0x7a35BfD91a8D3Cfe0B8Fd8B1317e4Bc21dDc9aF2",



The entity for which you wish to obtain the list of contacts.

type: String representation of an Ethereum address.


The result object contains a list of contact objects. Each contact represents one user who previously granted authorization for the user identified with userAddress to send them messages. Each object contains the following fields:


The precise date and time when the user granted authorization to send them email-based communications. This timestamp represents the moment the access was granted.

type: This is a string representation of a timestamp with the format yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss.ssssZ.


The address for the contact who granted permission to send them communications.

type: A string representation of an Ethereum address.


The address of the protectedData holding the contact's email address.

type: A string representation of an Ethereum address.

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