Quick start

1. Sandbox

2. Getting started

2.1. Prerequisites

Before getting started, ensure that you have the following installed on your system:

- Node.js version 18 or higher

- NPM (Node.js package manager)

2.2. Start a new project

In this section, we will show you how to set up and call the different methods of the SDK in a React.js app.

You can reach the following open-source GitHub project, clone it and start from there.

You can find the project here.

2.3. Basic installation

Install web3MailSDK .

npm install @iexec/web3mail

This package is an ESM package. Your project needs to use ESM too. Read more.

When deployed with WebPack, the Web3Mail tool requires WebPack version 5 or greater. You can refer to our sample WebPack project for more information.

2.4. Instantiate SDK

Instantiate the SDK in your frontend project:

2.4.1. Basic Instantiation

import { IExecWeb3mail } from "@iexec/web3mail";

const web3Provider = window.ethereum;
// instantiate
const web3mail = new IExecWeb3mail(web3Provider);

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